Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our Family has a brand new AMK Solar Water Heating system

After an initial horror run with solar water heating and spending the last couple of years wondering what to do, our family is again being supplied with hot water!

For details of our experience and for one of the most comprehensive websites about the many shortcomings of solar water heating systems, if you get it wrong please go here:

Be sure to read the Branz Reports about Solar Water Heating Systems while you are there: The only place you will find these quietly suppressed reports is on

We are delighted with our new high quality, high tech Swiss designed and manufactured AMK OPC 10 solar water heating system. It is beauty!

"AMK Collectra of Switzerland and NZ Solar Heating of New Zealand have made an amazingly generous gesture to Mr. Gary Moller of Wellington to allow him and his family to enjoy the benefits of a quality solar heating system."

For details of the story about how we ended up with the AMK OPC 10, please go to here, thank you. What I want to emphasise here is we thought long and hard about the offer made to us by AMK. We finally accepted the offer after thoroughly investigating the product over the next several months and finally being convinced of its quality and performance history. And we only went ahead after making it very clear to the suppliers that we would report without bias the performance of our installation over the next several years of operation.